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Parched Brewery Opens in West End


The idea for building a brewery first sparked after head brewer and owner, Carl Hallion, who spent over 25 years in the mining industry, decided to build upon his homebrewing hobby.

“I had done some home brewing with the old Coopers brew in a bag kit growing up in Adelaide. That passion reignited and grew over the last few years until it collided with another dream of mine, to own a little bar of my own,” he explained.

“Having a beer at Green Beacon one day I thought, ‘well these two loves have to come together’ and the idea of Parched was born.”

For Parched, the purpose of building a brewery was to create a place where people could connect and converse in a safe space, according to Hallion.

“In the post-pandemic world, I think it’s been really important to provide somewhere where everyone can come and enjoy something and relax, breathe and let the weight of the world fall off their shoulders,” he said.

“Parched is the place I want to come to and be happy so that is why I built it.”

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