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Winter Harvest - Parched Brewery

Winter Harvest

This is a fresh take on the Australian Pale Ale. This APA has a fuller body and a bit more ABV. It has a dry, clean, malty palate but the use of fresh winter harvest hops from our friends at Hilltop Hops gives this beer a distinct hop flavour and freshness. The hops will give this limited release notes of citrus with hints of spice and floral tones. Typical of Aussie Pale Ales, Winter Harvest has a medium hop bitterness, a dry mouthfeel and a nice balance between the malt and hops. This beer is for those looking for something fresh and different but should still appeal to a wide range of craft beer drinkers.

So this beer is pretty simple. Every brewer wants to brew with freshly harvested hops. The problem is that you have to really get them in the beer in less than 24 hours after harvest to make the most of the hops. Luckily our friends at Hilltop Hops, just down the road in Brisbane,  allow us to pick up the hops and watch the harvest. So we can bring you a beer using hops from the bine (yes, bine is right) to your glass in under three weeks! Mind you, next time, someone else can clean up after the brew. They are messy… but good!

Flavor Profile