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Mi Amigo Pagara

This is the beer you want when you’ve just sat down after a long, hard day at work or after a few sets at your favourite surf break, or you know what, basically anytime! There is a dry, crisp, clean palate, typical of your favorite mexican lagers with a hint of fresh fruit from the carefully infused hop character. This beer ferments cleanly and left to lager produces a bright and crisp beer that is easy to drink, especially on a hot Brissie day. Try it with a twist of lime or by itself. Either way it’s refreshing.

Way back when I was a fresh, young lad, not long out of uni, I was working in an exploration group in Brisbane. I was given a ticket to Chile and sent to South America for the first time on a work trip. Before I left, a wise old mate said to me “do you speak spanish?” I said “not a word”. He said “well you only need to know how to say one thing…repeat after me…Dos cerveza por favor, e mi amigo pagara”. I learned that well. “I’ll have two beers please and my friend will pay”…wonder if your friend will pay for yours???