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Easy Rider 1

Easy Rider

This is a beer for those who love an easy drinking lager style beer but with a little more character than your average lager. It has a pale straw colour with a low to medium head and medium carbonation. It presents with a brilliant, sparkling clarity which is why it is referred to as a sparkling. This Easy Rider beer has low to medium hop bitterness and malty sweetness and is a well balanced ‘Thirst Quenching’ beer that will refresh you when you are Parched.

You might have guessed that we are a little partial to brewing an historical style of beer and this Cream Ale continues along this same them and is a little more bitter than modern day versions. This is a beer that existed in the 1800s in America and was produced by ale brewers to compete with lager brewers in Canada. The Cream Ale survived the turbulent prohibition era in America, a time of bootleggers, gangsters and outlaws. Given the Cream Ale’s history and the history of our own building, it was inevitable that we brewed a beer that tells a story of gangsters and outlaws of days past. I’m sure if the bullet holes in the windows downstairs could talk, they’d have a few tales of their own to tell about Brisbane’s own outlaws…