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Brave New World

This is a big, full flavour, Hazy IPA with the New World hop character and flavour smacking you in face (in a good way). There’s lots of pineapple, passionfruit and tropical fruit that comes through on both the nose and the palate, but the residual fruit sweetness in your mouth is balanced out by the slight hoppy bitterness, leaving a clean finish on the palate that makes you want to come back for more.

This is our tribute to taking a leap of faith and following a dream, just like Chris did in 1492 when he sailed the ocean blue. He discovered the New World and now that same New World has given us the hazy IPA or NEIPA (New England IPA). It’s fitting that this beer reflects our commitment to taking a chance, rolling the dice and building a dream. That’s what we did when we built Parched, with an aim to create a range of quality craft beer with something for everyone. Old styles and new. We hope you’ll enjoy this beer and join the brave new world at Parched.