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This is a big, full bodied West Coast style IPA with the hop bitterness that this style is famous for. There’s a bit more punch in its ABV, but not so much that you can’t enjoy a few! It’s a bright, deep amber to copper colour with a clean, white head to contrast. The full mouthfeel benefits from the hop-forward nature of the beer which will give it pine, resinous hop character, with some subtle floral and tropical flavours lurking about. You’ll pick up similar character on the nose. This is one we think you’ll enjoy and will leave you with a clean satisfied palate.

We love being in West End, Brisbane and we love our IPA’s so we absolutely had to do a special brew for West End. So 4101ers here’s your beer. We picked the West Coast IPA ‘cause it was born in the West and is a big strong hop-forward beer with lots of character just like the West End we know and love. We hope you’ll love the beer as much as you do the place.