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because im hoppy

Because I’m Hoppy

So our new brewer Matt joined us not long ago just as the worst month of COVID for breweries hit. It made him think of life in lock down when, starved for company, he and some brewer mates got together and did some virtual craft beer tasting. They’d each get the same beers delivered sip together and discuss on zoom. Kind of like book club but for beer lovers! Well Matt made the ultimate mistake for a brewer and suggested one of the beers was a “bit hoppy” and the tag has stuck with him since. Now Matt really loves hops so he decided to make a big hoppy NEIPA just to prove it to his mates.

This is a traditional NEIPA and has a big full-bodied mouthfeel and a silky-smooth creaminess from the lashing of oats in the grain bill. This one is from the East so the hops are almost all flavour and aroma focused, with just a hint of bitterness to balance out the sweetness. You’ll get a lot of tropical stone fruit and other summer fruits coming though on the nose and the palate, that will leave you wanting more. This is an easy to drinking, big hazy and just a bit hoppy (but not too much)…hey Matt!