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oh fruit

Oh Fruit Bar Sour

This Kettle Sour is just tangy enough to allow the creamy lactose to come through without overpowering the balanced passionfruit, pineapple and banana flavour. It’s a full-bodied sour with a smooth full mouthfeel and has a tropical fruit colour with a bit of a summer haze, which matches its big, sweet tropical nose.

When my better half, Pauline, and I first met she had this love of Fruito Weis bars, which had come about from a young age when her family lived on the Gold Coast and her father was the Weis distributor. Those tastes of Gold Coast summers – passionfruit, pineapple and banana with a lovely creamy shot of icecream were a symbol of much simpler times and whenever she has one, it takes her straight back to those lazy, easy days. So the Oh Fruit Bar Kettle Sour is for Pauline and anyone else looking for the taste of summer and simpler times now past.