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Our Vision

For a long time, I’ve had a vision to open a friendly local bar, mainly as an excuse to drink with my mates! So now I’ve stepped out of the corporate world, where the value of human contact can easily be forgotten, that vision has collided with a rekindled love of brewing, a passion started in my misspent youth. Now here we are – Parched Brewery at West End – your new local.

At Parched Brewery we’re here to help you unwind and relax!

Our mission is simple – to make great beer, in a great a place and drink it with (you guessed it), great people. It’s a place to take the weight of the world off your shoulders, breathe and just enjoy life!

To me crafting beer is a beautiful thing, and now to have that dream become reality is pretty exciting.  The Parched team, who share this crazy passion, and I can’t wait for you to head on down for a taste test…or two!

Not a beer drinker?

Maybe we can change your mind!  But until then, we also have a great selection of delicious wines from some of our favourite boutique and family owned vineyards for you to try.  You’ll love them. Promise!

While I love my beer, I also love my food, so of course, I don’t want you to go hungry.  Our menu is full of brewpub favourites taken to a new level – just like our beers – along with some delicious additions to suit all tastes and appetites!

So rather than me banging on about how great we are (which I am prone to do), how about you come on in and experience it all for yourself.  We can’t wait to meet you and have a drink.

Carl and the Parched Team

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